Harper Crochet Scarf

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Crochet Twinsies!

Get your cameras ready for this cozy twins moment in our handmade crochet scarves. Available in 2 colors, these pom pom beauties will keep you warm and stylish. Apres Ski, Dog Parent Gift or a Walkie accessory these scarves will always be a hit!




The Harper Crochet Scarf is handmade with soft yarn, woven by artisan women in Colombia. The yarn used for this sweater is 80% recycled cotton, making sure we are kind to our environment.

Pup Scarves are available in 3 sizes and have a small eyelet to wrap around a Pom Pom to keep it in place around the pup's neck. Human Scarves are One Size.

Care Instructions

Hand-wash only, air dry flat.

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Why choose us?

Lola & Fluff offers the most refined, handcrafted, socially conscious fashion for the global pawdience who wants to stand out and stay up to date on the latest trends.

High quality & Function

Our pieces have superior execution and finishes getting as close to "manufactured couture" as it gets. Most importantly, each piece is designed with intention, serves a purpose and is made to help improve our pawdience's life.


We are are aware of the toll the fashion industry takes on our planet and our communities. As a brand we consistently evaluate and base our desicions on the path that upkeeps our pledge to support our communities and our planet. We are still a long way to being fully sustainbale but with each collection we get closer whether its through sustainable materials or the positive social impact that we make. Join us on the journey by acquiring pieces like this one which is made with Eco-Friendly materials.


Empowering Colombian Artisan Women working in an ethical environment