At Lola & Fluff we understand that every decision we make has an impact on our community. Take a peek at some of the decisions we've made to be more gentle on our planet and to help human and four-legged friends.

The work place

From our offices in the US to our partners' workplaces around the world. We prioritize vendors that provide a safe and ethical environment. We have passion for what we do and surround ourselves with peers that want to make our communities and the four-legged pals that live in it, a better place.

The materials

At Lola & Fluff, we are committed to the environment and ethical practices, which is why as a brand we are on the path to being as socially responsible as possible. Our goal is to use all sustainable materials within the next two years. To date we always use vegan leather alternatives, prioritize leftover fabrics from manufacturers and use organic fibers if available for our products. This SS2, We are proud to introduce our first collection made of 100% cotton and PET Bottles. Can you believe how we can transform them into art? Take a peek at our new collection and follow along in our journey as we continue to introduce even more eco friendly materials to our product assortment.

As far as our packaging we use eco-friendly packaging including our cool seed paper tags. Click on the link below to learn about our #lolablooms


We are a group of fun, animal loving creatives! We have a passion for fashion, design and a true desire to do good for our communities. As a brand we love working with amazing creators around the globe even more we prioritize female entrepeneurs looking to make an impact in their communities.

The community

We know that any pet whose pawrent shops at Lola & Fluff is already luckier than many of the millions of animals around the world that are struggling to get love and basic necessities. Due to this reason we are committed to spreading our good fortune with amazing rescue organizations around the world selected by our L&F customers. Our dream is that every purchase can make a positive impact on an animal in need.

Every quarter we donate 5% of all sales to an animal rescue of your choice.