Prepare your Pet for When You Return to the Office

Prepare your Pet for When You Return to the Office

As vaccinations move forward, going back to the office is inevitable. The thing is, our pets have gotten used to us being with them at home 24/7, and we can’t expect them to fully grasp why we must return to our offices now. That’s why you should prepare your pet for your absence! 

We’ll talk about some of your options.

1. Leaving your pup at home! 

When leaving them at home we recommend doing some preparations beforehand. First, try to leave them alone for longer periods of time than what they are used to. Go to the park, go get coffee, go eat outside... alone. This will help your furry child to get used to you leaving but learning that you come back home. 

If you have a daily routine when leaving for work that also includes them, try to start doing them again, like giving them a special treat before walking out the door, changing into specific work clothes, packing your bag, etc. 

Before going to work, take them on a long walk, or even play fetch. As some may say “a tired dog is a happy dog”, exercising will help them burn energy and lower their mental stress. Helping them exercise their minds is also a good idea; leave them with interactive puzzle toys that rewards them with treats, or new chew toys, too. Make sure they have a safe space in your home, a special space just for them, like a pet nook. 

If your pet’s routine shifted throughout quarantine and working from home, start going back to what it used to be before, or if it’s a new furry friend, start changing their walking and mealtimes to adjust to your new schedule. Don’t walk them or feed them at times that you would be at work! 

When the time comes, consider hiring a walker to help reduce stress! But, if your job allows it, try to plan out your work schedule to go back and walk your pup yourself. 

Remember that this is all to avoid separation anxiety, which is basically when your pet feels stressed out because of changes in their normal routines. Some signs that your pup might be suffering from separation anxiety include: 

  • Escaping the house.
  • Pacing the house, going back and forth between the owner and the door. 
  • Barking or howling.
  • Scratching and chewing things in the house.
  • Peeing and pooping inside, even when they’ve been trained.
  • Lying at the owner’s feet.
  • Jumping against the door or going straight to the window when the owner leaves.

It’s important to identify these symptoms in order to fix them, especially if they present themselves for prolonged periods of time, even after practicing some of the tips we previously mentioned. If these signs continue, it might be a good idea to visit a vet or a trainer to see what they recommend. If it’s within your possibilities, considering day care is also an option. 

The first week apart is going to be the hardest one, but eventually your dog will recognize it as a new routine and adjust to it. Just like children, pets are resilient. When arriving home, reward them for their good behavior; take them out to walk and give them delicious new treats, these activities will stimulate them to continue behaving accordingly.

2. Taking your pup to the office 

More and more companies are going dog-friendly nowadays. If you are fortunate enough to have a workplace that is pet friendly, make the most of it! As long as your pet is well trained, there’s no larger issue at stake. Just remember to prepare and pack all of your dog’s necessities, their food, treats, bowls (collapsible bowls are better for these occasions), toys, leash and harness, paper towels, pet-safe disinfectant, and of course, bags. 

Amongst some of the most famous companies that allow dogs we can find: 

  • Ben & Jerry’s 
  • Google 
  • Build-a-bear 
  • Petsmart 
  • Tito’s Vodka 

We’ll also leave you with Cesar Millan’s video about how to fix separation anxiety with your dog! 

Have you had any troubles with leaving your pet at home? Have you taken your pet to the office? Have you decided to look for a remote job? Tell us about your experience!