Pets Charities We Should All Support and Why

Pets Charities We Should All Support and Why

If you’re an animal lover like us, you probably wish you could help all animals and pets that exist in the world. An easy way of doing so is supporting different organizations that help these furry friends by donating to them. Their main purposes vary, from helping to rescue homeless animals, endangered or abused animals to even at-risk pets. And you also get a benefit from this, apart from feeling good about assisting these organizations, you can add your donations as an extra tax write-off.

Here we’ll leave some organizations that we think are worth your while! 

  1. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) 

It was founded in 1866, and since then they have assisted over 104.900 animals, relocated over 27.700, completed more than 47.000 spay and neuter surgeries, and helped over 370.590 animals with their Animal Poison Control Center. 

They also advocate for adoption, they have a page on their website where you can see which dogs and cats are available for adoption in NYC, Los Angeles, North Carolina, and more! And not only dogs, even horses as well.

  1. Best Friends Animal Society 

It is the largest no-kill shelter in the United States, founded in 1984! They created a sanctuary for homeless and special-needs animals. So, yes. They offer shelter for companion animals like dogs, cats, and horses, too. In cities like New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and states like Utah. They work with local shelters to share information about the importance of the need of spay and neutering pets, puppy mills, and breed discrimination. 

Their main goal is to reduce the number of animals killed in shelters because no one adopts them. They also work with different corporate partners, foundations, and even celebrity supporters. Check them out and see if their philosophy is your cup of tea! 

  1. Four Paws International 

This organization works for animals’ welfare in a global scale. Especially animals under direct human influence, which has revealed a lot of suffering. It was founded in 1988 in Vienna, and since then it has expanded to multiple countries like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Kosovo, the Netherlands, Switzerland, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, the UK, Vietnam, and the United States. They say they provide urgent help, as well as long-term solutions.  

They work for the protection of companion animals, like dogs and cats, but also farm and wild animals! They have established sanctuaries worldwide, where rescued animals live a peaceful life. 

Their motto is Reveal. Rescue. Protect. 

  1. Your local shelter 

Donating to these kinds of organizations is always beautiful. But you will probably have the most impact by helping in your local community, it can be actual money donations, or you can also donate your time by volunteering! They will always welcome a helping hand. You can help by adopting a pup, too. 

If you aren’t able to make a financial donation, you can also help by contributing with gently used goods like blankets, food, toys, and cleaning products that always needed. This way you will directly see the impact of your contribution! 

Whichever organization you choose, you will be helping to reduce animal cruelty, as well as helping them find a forever home where they will be cherished and loved for the rest of their lives. There are over 80 million pawrents in America! All of USA’s animal lovers united can surely make a difference and have a direct positive impact in these furry friends’ lives.