Most Fashionable Pets on Instagram You Don’t Want to Miss!

Most Fashionable Pets on Instagram You Don’t Want to Miss!

Fashion is not just for humans. It’s for #DogsOfInstagram, too! It has turned into a whole influencer thing we are absolutely loving; their owners share with their followers their pups’ outfits and lifestyles. If you want to make your pup look amazing, here are some of our favorite accounts to gain inspiration from! 

  1. @LolaMalshi 

Your one and only, the Lola and Fluff CEO, Lola. She is a Mal-Shi (a mix between Maltese and Shih Tzu), a playful cutie that will steal your heart with her outfits and adventures. Her mom shares her daily life that includes days at the park or the office, trips around the world, and walks around the streets of Amsterdam, Positano, Madrid, and New York! Her soft fur is adorned with beautiful, patterned scarfs and sunglasses that protect her from the sun. 

  1. @jonathanwarrenofficial 

According to its bio, Jonathan Warren is the world’s most well-traveled rescue dog! This pup lives in NYC, with cute outfits to spare according to the occasion. Jonathan Warren’s daily clothes vary in style, from stripes, avocado prints to both bright and muted color palettes.

  1. @BaconTheDoggers 

Bacon is a mini schnauzer that has outfits for days (and places). All of its outfits look like statement pieces that will surely make eyes turn! Its owner has set up a pet clothing store called The Bacon Collection, with unique pieces that well, as the store bio’s says, are a lil bit extra. But we love it! With vibrant colors and patterns, its owner even goes all the way to stay updated with pop culture. They recreated Olivia Rodrigo’s album Sour cover! 

  1. @the_doggie_days 

A pair of Maltese brothers that call New York City their home! Their parents take them everywhere with them, so yeah, you could say they’re world travelers, as well as cute fashion icons. Their owners keep a record of their lives, daily adventures, trips, and cute outfits according to the seasons and places they visit. 

  1. @TinkerbelleTheDog 

Travelers, NYC actors, models, and professional divas that have met stars like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grand & Lizzo. A pair of sisters that live their life to the fullest, going around the world, floating around in pools, and kissing celebrities. Their outfits are the cutest, too. Very classy and elegant to represent their lifestyle! 


And if you’re just looking for more daily cuteness, we suggest you follow @weratedogs, where you’ll see the bestest pups in the world! 

These were some of our best recommendations to up your pup’s style game! Let us know what you think in the comments.