How Have Pet Supplies and Accessories Evolved?

How Have Pet Supplies and Accessories Evolved?

From pet apparel and accessories to even the basics, the way pawrents shop has changed along the years to fit their needs (and their pup's needs of course!).


A lot of people say that dogs look like their owners, social psychologists have revealed that when looking for a pet, people subconsciously or consciously pick a dog that resembles them. Hence, they end up dressing up their dogs to match their personal style. There are even matching raincoats for rainy days! But if that’s not your cup of tea, it’s okay. 

A lot of stores and designers are now creating new clothes for pets! Even high-end brands like Burberry, Gucci, and Versace, amongst others. Many small dog breeds, and even cat, owners are investing more and more on these pieces of fabric (not necessarily high-end brands), because nowadays lots of places are pet friendly. 

Dog clothing as we know it today is assumed to have started in the early 00’s, but in the 1800s is where it all started! However, the style has definitely changed. We now see simpler designs, more minimalistic and inspired in Scandinavian styles and patterns. 

Nowadays, people express themselves through dressing their pups, making them look cool and stylish, like their human parents. Back in the day, pet wear focused on cute, almost child-ish designs that resembled clothes for well, children. With big polka dots and bows, to name a few trends. In the modern times, people choose their pets’ clothes according to the event or particular occasion. A practical use of pet wear is to keep them cozy and warm in colder weathers, especially with long winters. 

Minimalist Pet Accessories 

Pet brands have evolved to design modern, elevated pet accessories that are comfortable for furry friends. When getting a dog or a cat, owners know they have to make compromises in order to adjust their lifestyle to the new family addition, which means, making it their home, too. But accommodating your home to your pet’s belongings doesn’t have to clash with your home décor.

Currently, people opt out from buying the traditional pet supplies that have massive and colorful designs on them (nothing wrong with that, they just may not be the best option for all tastes). That’s where minimalist accessories come to play. Nordic style pet furniture, leashes, harnesses, totes, weekenders, and pouches are here to stay. 

Brands like JUST FRED have designed minimalist, durable, and cruelty-free pet accessories to take your pet to places. Best part? Their work raises awareness and supports pet adoption, especially senior dogs adoptions. How cool is that? 

Open wire pet dens, with clean lines and wooden details are a good choice to keep your living room pet-adequate, airy, and light. Now, instead of getting them a regular bed, how about a handcrafted one that matches your furniture, or even a handcrafted couch for them to chill with you in the living room? 


Modern Toys and Furniture 

When it comes to toys, pets are very simple. For example, how about trying a wooden puzzle toy, works perfectly for either cats or dogs! Or a natural rubber toy set that will distract them and make them exercise their brains. Pet toys don’t have to be an eyesore. 

Here are more recs: 

Food & Water Bowls 

Think clean-look, simple, and sophisticated. And of course, comfortable feeding. If you want to try a more minimalistic look with your pet’s feeding bowls, try to search for ceramic options! Some even combine geometric shapes and speckled clay like Swanky Ceramic's slow-feeder cat and dog bowls, they also carry personalized water bowls!

Don’t forget your travel options! For traveling and comfort purposes, we recommend a rubber collapsible bowl that’s easy to pack inside your bag or backpack.

Now, there are other options for your stay-at-home bowls. Some brands have gone the extra mile to design bowls with reclaimed, recycled ocean-bound plastic! Like West Paw. They even sell dog toys, beds, and leashes. 

What about you? Do you see yourself gearing up with these kinds of products?