A Pet-Friendly Travel Guide: Let’s Go to New York City!

A Pet-Friendly Travel Guide: Let’s Go to New York City!

Being the capital of the world, New York city (and sometimes New York state, too) is a hot spot for tourists everywhere. And even so, for tourists with pets because New York has a lot of pet-friendly entertainment options! From dog parks, upscale inns, hotels to bars and restaurants! We are talking about the Big Apple, after all. There is something for everyone!

So, here are our recommendations for attractions, restaurants, hotels, and bars! 

First things first: book your flight in advance, here are some of our tips to consider when flying with pets. 

Plan your stay in advance

There are plenty of accommodation options that are ready to welcome your four-legged friend, like the Soho Grand Hotel, which provides services and amenities like bedding, organic treats, food and water bowls, and even doggy bags. 

Or the Innside New York NOMAD hotel, which is located close to the Empire State Building, they accept pets up to 30 pounds for a one-time fee of $100 per room, per stay; they also offer orthopedic memory-foam dog beds and blankets for pets. 

Another option is the Kimpton Eventi hotel, where dogs of any size can stay with their owners for no additional fee, and if your dog is trained, you can leave him or her unattended in guest rooms; the hotel also offers a dog-walking service. This accommodation option doesn’t allow cats. 

Our last recommendation is the The High Line hotel, which welcomes dogs of every shape and size, and cats too! They don’t charge additional fees, but they do offer complimentary dog treats. Their facilities offer extensive outdoor seating. The hotel is located in the West Chelsea neighborhood, where you can find the Chelsea Waterside Dog Park. 

Moving around the city: know your options

It’s New York, the city that was made for walking! You’re going to be walking up and down with your pet. If you need to go to further distances, we want to let you know that it might be tricky but not impossible. 

You can always use ridesharing apps, like Lyft and Uber; sometimes drivers might cancel if they aren’t too open to transport a pet. But don’t despair, because the other option is the subway, but take into consideration MTA’s pet policies. These guidelines allow small domestic pets on the subway and buses when they are inside a carrier, kennel, or any other sort of container, which they encourage to be put on your lap without interfering with other passengers’ comfort. Some people have put their dogs in backpack dog carriers, others are a bit more creative. We suggest sticking to MTA’s rules. 

Restaurants, cafes, and bars 

Located in East Village, and according to their website, they’re Manhattan’s first dog-friendly cafe! There are two sides to the establishment, one that’s open to our furry friends. Dogs are allowed to roam leash-free in the cafe. Your pet will have a great time while you taste delicious food and drinks. They also serve their own brand of treats for dogs, with different flavors, and promote adoption events. 

A canine-themed restaurant that was founded in 1992, serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a dog-friendly environment. Dogs aren’t technically allowed inside (unless they’re Emotional Support Animals) BUT they have a patio where families can share their time (and food) with their pups. They have a Dog Bar in the patio, with a water fountain just for them! How cool is that? 

If you’re a burger fan, we recommend visiting Madison Square Park’s Shake Shack, which actually is their OG location! Since it’s, well, in a park, there are no restrictions regarding pets. The coolest thing is they have a special menu for dogs. So, while you enjoy a great burger with a milkshake, your pup can eat dog biscuits especially made for them. 

When looking to spend an afternoon drinking good beer and still share time with your dog, this is the place to go. Dogs are allowed indoors, and their beers are brewed in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park. A place to enjoy a laid-back time, craft beer, and play board games! 

Other attractions that are worth it

  • Central Park: with its 843 acres, endless trails, and lawns! Dogs are allowed in the park on a leash from opening to closing, but they can also be leash free from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., and from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. 
  • Tomkins Square Park: which has separate dog run areas for small and big dogs, 3 small pools to cool off in the summer, bathing areas, and picnic tables. 
  • Madison Square Park Dog Run: this park has a gated area where dogs can roam around without their leashes. It also has different areas where dogs can play according to their size, drinking water for them, double entry and exit gates, and umbrellas for guarding from the shade. 
  • Oculus at The World Trade Center: this building, that has a plaza, a shopping mall, and a train station all in one, is pet-friendly! They allow you to take your pets around the site as long as they are on a leash. 
  • Brooklyn Bridge: as long as you stay on the walking side, the Brooklyn Bridge is a great place to take your dog for a walk as well as marveling over beautiful sights. Whether it’s the Manhattan or Brooklyn skyline. 
  • Puppy Picasso: this activity has to be one of our favorites! Puppy Picasso is a pet-friendly experience where your pup can be an artist. Check them out on Instagram. 

We hope these recommendations make planning out your New York trip with your pup way easier. Always remember to do some research and call or email these places in advance to make sure they haven’t modified any of their pet-friendly policies!